What Can Cause Gingivitis?

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Does it seem like you frequently get gingivitis? Are you aware of what can increase your chances of developing periodontal disease? Gingivitis may be noticed if your gums are red or swollen, they may be tender or bleed easily. While it can be a mild infection in the gums at the beginning, gingivitis can become progressively worse if it is not treated.

Risk Factors
A common cause of gingivitis is having poor dental hygiene. Plaque can be removed when you brush and floss properly. If not, plaque can build up and turn into tartar, which is much harder to remove and often requires professional tools. Plaque is a sticky, invisible layer that can regrow every 24 hours when sugars and starches mix with bacteria that is found naturally inside your mouth.

Other risk factors may include:
– Tobacco use
– Substance abuse
– Dry mouth
– Hormonal changes
– Pregnancy
– Diabetes
– Certain diseases or medications
– Poorly fitting oral restorations

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