Preventing Cavities and Tooth Sensitivity with Fluoride

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Even though your teeth are tough, the corrosive effects of acidic foods and drinks as well as the natural bacteria in your mouth can erode the enamel on a microscopic level. This makes them more prone to developing cavities. This process, which is also known as demineralization, can be effectively counteracted by exposure to fluoride.

If your teeth show signs of enamel erosion, tooth decay or if you’ve developed problems with tooth sensitivity, our dentists, Drs. Michael Taylor, might recommend a routine fluoride treatment to help restore the integrity of your tooth enamel.

To administer the fluoride treatment in Boone, North Carolina, we will pour a small amount of concentrated fluoride gel into trays that you’ll hold in your mouth for a few minutes. Afterward, you need to avoid eating or drinking for up to an hour to allow the fluoride to deeply penetrate the microscopic areas of your tooth enamel.

If your teeth show significant signs of enamel erosion, our dentists might also prescribe fluoride supplements to you or advise you to use fluoride toothpaste to help you maintain the strength of your tooth enamel on a daily basis.

If you suspect you’re developing issues with enamel erosion or if you’ve struggled in the past with cavities and tooth sensitivity, you should call Blue Ridge Dentistry at 828-264-3333 to schedule an appointment.