Oral Health Essentials: Water Flossing

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Treating unclean smiles with water flossers is the perfect treatment for individuals who find difficulty using traditional dental thread. When purchasing a water flosser, look for those products that feature the ADA Seal of Acceptance. With water flossers, it is still essential to floss every day and make sure every area around and between each tooth is reached and cleaned.

As you age, using threaded dental floss can become increasingly more difficult. Furthermore, traditional thread can easily fray if it is not single filament thread. However, due to a water flosser’s lack of thread, the product can often go in areas and flourish where traditional floss will fail to reach and clean effectively. Water flossers are also the ideal tool to use on teeth that have previous replacements or restoration procedures that hinder the capabilities of dental thread, including dental implants, dental bridges, orthodontic aligners, veneers, and dental crowns.

Unlike traditional threaded floss, water flossers use no thread at all, but rather a water flosser works by using a single stream of water to blast the areas between your teeth. Water flossers are also easier on the joints and can be used much easier. It is highly recommended to switch to an interdental tool such as a water flosser if your struggle with threaded floss, or are too old or weak to effectively floss easily.

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