Extracting Teeth

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No one enjoys having a tooth pulled. That’s a pretty easy universal claim to make. However, if you don’t take proper care of your teeth you’ll end up in a position where an extraction may be your only option. Often, those situations are indicative of more serious underlying problems.

So to help you avoid those unpleasant situations, let’s look at how you can avoid the need for a tooth to be extracted.

Bad cavities

If you end up with a bad cavity you’ll have to get your tooth pulled. If the cavity is left to rot until it eats through most of your tooth, infects, the pulp, or spreads an infection to your gums, an extraction is the only way to save your oral health. At that point, the tooth can’t be saved via root canal, crowns, or a filling.

To avoid this issue, make sure you stay on top of your oral health at all times. That’ll keep cavities at bay, and if you do have one, you’ll be able to have Dr. Michael Taylor here at Blue Ridge Dentistry in Boone, North Carolina, fill it before it becomes an issue.

The other concern is that teeth which need extraction may leave behind an infection, which is again not ideal. You’ll need a tooth pulled sometimes if there’s a concern of infection.

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