Brushing at the Right Time

You know that you should brush your teeth every day, but do you know when the best time to brush is? Or how often you should brush? Similarly, do you ever wonder if you should brush or floss first? Today, our team at is happy to address questions like these. Most dentists recommend that you… Read more »

Managing a Fractured or Cracked Tooth

A fractured or cracked tooth can be a serious cause for concern. If you have a cracked or fractured tooth you should call us immediately so we can help you determine the best course of action or schedule an appointment. If for some reason you can’t contact us right away, there are a few things… Read more »

What Are Implant-Supported Dentures?

Are you tired of using sticky adhesives to keep your dentures in place? Of course, dentures customized to fit your unique mouth shape should stay securely there, but even then, they may still have looseness that causes them to slide when you eat and speak. You can receive dentures that stay in place when you… Read more »

Your Health: Why Your Gums Are Important Too

We know a healthy mouth is important to you, but have you ever thought about how important your gums can be to you and your overall health? If you haven’t thought about it, it’s time to start. Your gums are an important and essential part of your mouth. The tissues of your gums act as… Read more »

Show Off a Brighter Smile Through Teeth-Whitening

Our smiles are more important than we realize. According to a poll by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the most common aspect that people want to improve about their smiles is to have “whiter and brighter teeth.” Indeed, a bright smile is often perceived to be a healthy smile. Many people seek a brighter… Read more »