Aspects of a Super Smile: Root Canal Therapy

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If you routinely find yourself at risk for dental damage due to worn tooth enamel, it is important to practice effective protection plans to help limit the damage that can arise. If decay and erosion continue to occur to your tooth enamel, the inner workings of a tooth can end up vulnerable. Should bacteria enter the root of a tooth, it is possible for the pulp of the tooth to become inflamed and diseased. This will require a root canal treatment to remove the damaged pulp and seal the tooth. Common causes of infected pulps are as follows:

– If for any reason you have any microscopic damage that is not easily visible, it could be the result of pulp damage. If bacteria have seeped into a tooth and has infected the pulp, a root canal therapy will be required to repair the damage.
– Oral accidents and injuries are known causes of pulp damage. This is because any time your mouth suffers severe damage, it can leave the inner workings of a tooth vulnerable. If you have any broken or fractured teeth, visit your doctor to determine if pulp damage has occurred.
– If you have received dental procedures for any teeth, the constant wear and tear on the tooth may have worn down your tooth enamel. If your tooth enamel has been worn down, you are at an increased risk for pulp infections.
– Dental erosion and cavities are some of the key causes of tooth decay. If you have any deep cavities that have worn away your tooth enamel and the root of a tooth is exposed, you will be at an increased rate for pulp damage. If pump damage arises, a root canal therapy will be required.

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